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The Manchester Pickwick Club - welcome

The Manchester Pickwick Club comprises a group of gentlemen who meet monthly in a hostelry in Swinton, Manchester, England.

There they adopt the pseudonyms of characters from the Charles Dickens 'Pickwick Papers'
and discuss the Papers, World Affairs, Health, Injustice and in fact anything that takes their fancy.

They discourse in convivial surroundings during which, in time honoured fashion, much alcohol is quaffed.

As well as those qualities referred to in our motto, good humour is an essential part of our meetings.

The Manchester Pickwick Club was established in 1906 and celebrated it's centenary in Nantwich, Cheshire, in the spring of 2006. Those celebrations were reported in the Manchester Evening News.

Members from a wide variety of backgrounds, are aged from 35 to 75 years. Our motto is Honour, Friendship and Harmony.

Why not take this opportunity to read about the history of the Manchester Pickwick Club.

Feel free to contact us.