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Members of the Manchester Pickwick Club

Benjamin Allen
Arabella's brother, medical student and companion to Bob Sawyer.  
Angelo Cyrus Bantam Esq. MC.
The elegant Master of Ceremonies at Bath.   
Mr. Dodson
Plump, portly & stern. Attorney for Mrs Bardell.  More...
Horatio Fizkin Esq.
Of Fizkin Lodge, Buff candidate for Parliament.   More...
Daniel Grummer
A special constable in Ipswich.   More...
Jack Hopkins
Medical student and friend of Bob Sawyer.   More...
Alfred Jingle
Itinerant actor, snake in the grass, duper of Pickwick.  More...
Mr. Mivins (alias ‘The Zephyr')
A Fleet prisoner.   More...
Solomon Pell
A large, asthmatic attorney for the Insolvent Debtors' Court.   
Mr. Pott
Contentious editor of the Eatanswill Gazette.   
Tom Roker
A stout Fleet turnkey.   
Mr. Smangle
A rakish, vagabondish Fleet prisoner.   
Augustus Snodgrass
An aspiring poet, and former ward of Mr. Pickwick.   More...
Rev. Mr. Stiggins
The red-nosed "deputy shepherd."   
Tracy Tupman
A romantic, portly, middle-aged bachelor.   
Tony Weller
Sam's stout, red-faced father; a coachman.   
Nathaniel Winkle
An amateur sportsman.   


Unassigned characters from the Pickwick Papers