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Minutes from meeting number 1236

Minutes of the 1236th Meeting of the Manchester Pickwick Club held at the Moorside Social Club on 21st September 2016.

The meeting was opened promptly by Jingle who was taking Pickwick's chair due to the unfortunate illness of Pott.
Pickwick explained to the members that he was the only one with an Agenda, so nothing different there.
There were 9 members present and Pickwick went through the runners and riders with some authority. Then came the good news from Dodson - A free night - Snodgrass absent through travel of course.
The Acting Vice, Dodson then proposed a toast to Mr Pickwick with so much verbosity, some members were nodding off.
Pickwick, who had been 'without' for at least six minutes, called for Rule 8 to be applied so that alcoholic drinks could be obtained
Then followed the reading of the Minutes of the 1235th Meeting read by the secretary which, on completion were Proposed as a true record by Grummer, seconded by Slammer.

Dodson, with a hint of bitterness in his voice implied that Mivins had only typed up the minutes this very day, thus calling into serious question Mivin@s character. Dodson said 'At best Mivins was making mischief with his incorrect minutes which on one occasion were scripted whilst Mivins was under the influence of alcohol.
Most of the members put this down to the rantings of a very unpopular solicitor. Tupman let his feeling be heard and there followed an unPickwickian argument between Dodson and Tupman.

Pickwick said something about parapets and getting shot at which the secretary did not hear properly.
Pickwick then declared refreshments (which he had provided) were served, and very good these refreshments were, the hot pot containing meat in abundance and even curry powder to flavour thereon if members so wished.

During our refreshments a woman member of the Moorside Club entered our room requesting money for a forthcoming social evening where MacMillan nurses were to be the recipients of moneys collected. Those of our members who wished to donate, did so.

In correspondence the secretary, whilst having no actual correspondence, did inform the Members that as and from this date Sam Weller was resigning from our club. Other than stating that his absence would be felt and that he had been a genuine character, there were, quite properly, no other comments.

Slammer then acted as P.O.R. and I, with the usual result of members forfeiting 20p.

In Any Other Business, item 10, Ben Allen, who had thus far been fairly quiet, spoke up stating that he, along with Mr Pickwick (present) and Mr Pickwick (actual), suggested that we should consider attending a race meeting at Haydock, he had the future meetings handy and it was decided that the 14th October would be the most appropriate date, and that members wishing to attend should contact Ben Allen either by phone or preferably Email.

Tracy Tupman informed members Christmas outing to be 2/12/16 once again at Breightmet.

Stiggins, who hadn't been too well, suggested that our meeting should revert to a Thursday to let those wishing to watch football on a Wednesday do so and not miss Pickwick.
Stiggins, who is an avid United supporter probably said this following the thrashing United took at the hands of lower opposition recently. Anyway the stewardess was to be contacted re the ladies bingo and whether we could resume our slot without upsetting others. There was input on this subject from Grummer, Tupman and Stiggins.

Bob Sawyer was mentioned and the secretary stated he would ring Bob. He has done so and reports that Bob has resigned as and from 22.9.16.

Rule 8 then followed and Slammer regaled us with a story about some tampax. After Slammer had mentioned little boys, their sister, their mother and some horses, the secretary decided the story was too rude for his ears so stopped writing.

A Toast to Absent Members was as always popular.

The raffle as usual was conducted by Dodson with all members present receiving prizes.

The Director of Ceremonies decreed that Ben Allen should propose the toast to Pickwick and Vice and Stiggins would second the same.

Ben wasn't was vociferous as most of us would have liked but he seems a kind man so we will overlook it. He stated that some members were overstepping the line and Pickwick should gavel and fine more often.
Stiggins in seconding the proposal stated that it was a very good meeting, there was no overcharging and everything was quite convivial. The Vice was superlative.

Grummer wishing it to be minuted thanked and congratulated our acting Pickwick on his refreshments.
Just before Item 16 was sung Tupman stated that we had a songster in our midst, that Jingle had been seen singing in the Monton Green area and was obviously a chip off the old block.

The Meeting was closed after the National Anthem at 10.33 p.m